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Recently Launched New Service Arm Scores First SuccessInsomnia / 09-04-2013

Star Seismic Europe, the Hungarian partner of Star Seismic LLC of Park City, Utah, USA will construct and deliver the earthquake-protection system of a forty-story skyscraper in Istanbul, Turkey. The revolutionary Buckling Restrained Brace system acts as a kind of shock absorber is intended to eliminate serious damage and collapse in case of earthquakes of both newly constructed buildings, or retrofitted reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Insomnia not only supported the company with publicity materials and a corporate video, but was also instrumental in producing the tender documentation leading to a major government export development grant. The financial support helped the company to mount – again with Insomnia support – the necessary technical B2B communications efforts which eventually led to the signing of the contract to protect the 186 meter high building which will be erected on the Asian side of the Bosporus Straight.

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