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Mosquito goes to the movies!Mosquito Brands & Proms / 05-04-2013

Mosquito won the pitch to become the leading agency of Kinepolis Group, one of Europe’s leading cinema operators with 23 multiplexes (in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland) and 22 million visitors annually.

The pitch brief included 2 very clear objectives: how to bring more emotion to the brand “Kinepolis” and  how to transform the brand perception as merely  ‘the movie venue’  towards being ‘the movie connaisseur and promotor’ .

Mosquito is currently working on modular communication templates  and focuses for the time being on the strategy and roll out for the home market, but in due time will tackle the international branches of Kinepolis.

Publips will develop the new international...


Energy From Head-to-Toe.


Kinomax: how to enhance success in business?.


Recruitment in progress.

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