Bertelsmann Group trusts Publips for its new space opening in Madrid

Transmit through the inauguration, the commitment to culture and knowledge of the German company By Publips

Campaign ran: Madrid,, Nationwide

The work.

More than 300 people gathered in Madrid for the opening of the Bertelsmann’ Space, the new cultural venue of the German media company that operates in 63 countries and employs more than one hundred thousand people.

We were responsible for the management, organization and decoration of the presentation event under an umbrella concept based on culture and knowledge.

This experience improves our knowledge in introducing foreign brands in the Spanish market, as the Bertelsmann Group has entered in a period of expansion in Spain. This event has been attended by very representative people of the cultural and political landscape in Spain as the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, the president of Bertelsmann Spain, Fernando Carro, the president of the Metro Group, José Manuel Lara , and the Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella.

The brief.

Introduce the new Bertelsman venue under the umbrela concept of the "culture and knowledge"

Event organization, audiovisual adaptation, act supervision and coordination, spaces decoration

Guests management with special attention to celebries


Recruitment in progress.

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