The world’s fastest electric supercar

The work.

Makheia Group was chosen to develop the communications campaign for the launch of Exagon Motors’ Furtive-eGT, the world’s first electric supercar.

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The result(s).

Exagon Motors, designer of the 100% electric supercar, (402 hp, 250 km/h self-charging lithium-ion batteries from the aerospace industry and 100% carbon shell) presented a new campaign, both digital and in print, inspired by its exclusive position. In this way, the manufacturer combines French ultra-sporty, luxury and refinement and "sustainable development" with zero fuel consumption or emissions.
Makheia Group designed a complete communications package for Exagon Motors adapted to different audiences that was unveiled in October at the Paris Motor Show.
• Exclusively for clients, a limited edition prestigious creation in XXL format featuring the brand values and its challenges: high-tech sophistication, self-transcendence ...  soon with a Twitter feed that will allow clients to track and share live information, "exclusive" news from the manufacturer (testing circuits, performance assessments, new options under development ...)
• For prospects and fans, a complete site - - to discover and download documents. An iPad application integrates the most amazing videos of the Furtive from its first test drive to the assembly of electric motors.
In addition, Makheia Group developed a document for investors, produced all the visuals for the Furtive-eGT and created an animated video for different media.
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